Glass Mill

Completed: 2013 Client: Barratt London Artist: Phil Coy
Partners: Assael Architecture, LA Architects Location: Lewisham, London
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Embedded Arts

Assael Architects’ masterplan for the Rennaissance mixed use development in Lewisham included a new leisure facility and swimming pool. The cultural strategy set out ideas for creative industry spaces and a commission for Martin Richmann to design a kinetic artwork for the energy centre. Artist Phil Coy was commissioned to develop a playful response to the glass façade, which wrapped around the building. A palette of 1,800 glass ‘pixels’ form a multicoloured grid across the vast curved façade. The grid is backlit, fitted with sensors and through computer programming, responds to the level of external sound – from traffic noise to the human voice – creating a night façade in constant modulation. Glass Mill won the Best Built Project-Community Scale in 2014 for ‘its transformational impact on the wider area, benefits to the local community, design and ingenuity’.


the artist

Phil Coy

Phil Coy was born in Gloucester in 1971. He grew up in the Forest of Dean, Birmingham and Norfolk. He currently lives and works in London. His work explores the languages, materiality and histories of representation often feeding back the structural processes involved in making work into its presentation.


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