Completed: 2010 Client: Carrot Developments Ltd Artist: Paul Morrison
Partners: Rolfe Judd Location: Clerkenwell, London
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Embedded Arts

Futurecity curated and managed a landmark art and architecture commission, a response to the developer’s Section 106 obligation for public art. Working with Rolfe Judd architects, Paul Morrison’s graphic monochrome ‘Oxeye daisy’ is embedded in the building’s aluminium façade.

Photography  by Ron Bambridge


the artist

Paul Morrison

Born in Liverpool in 1966 Paul Morrison received a BA in fine art from Sheffield City Polytechnic. He then continued his studies at Goldsmiths College, London. His first one-person show was in London in 1996 and since then he has displayed his work in various locations across the UK. He is best known for his large monochromatic botanical landscapes.


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