1. Pre-planning – Cultural Placemaking Strategies

Futurecity have written almost 100 placemaking and cultural strategies for the largest brownfield developments and regeneration projects across the UK and mainland Europe including the Nine Elms Opportunity area, White City, Greenwich Peninsula, Earls Court, Canary Wharf and the City of London. Our strategies and plans bring forward authentic and inspiring proposals for bringing the best cultural activity into a new site: a big idea for cities, districts and neighbourhoods as they compete for inward investment, tourism, knowledge workers and businesses.

2. Cultural partnerships

Great places work with their city’s best arts and cultural partners, bringing brand association of authentic, world leading, sustainable culture to a new place, knitted into the city’s DNA. Recent partnerships on major new schemes include the Royal Academy, Royal College of Art and the University of the Arts.

 3. Working with artists

Futurecity works with the worlds leading artists, crafts specialists, designers, and cultural producers to bring individual bespoke projects to every site, embedded within  architecture and public realm. We collaborate with the best international artists. The result is projects of vision, scale, sensitivity, and client brand awareness.

4. Public engagement

We deliver integrated community and stakeholder communication into all client projects. This delivers ambitious credible projects that have a broad base of support and engagement.

5. Project delivery

We deliver projects from inception to completion. We work closely with clients to achieve the best possible project for a site. This can range from bronze sculpture to embedded public realm furniture, to collaborative landscape design or meanwhile programmes. All our projects carefully maximise budgets by dovetailing existing design and build budgets to integrate a cultural DNA throughout a scheme.

6. PR value

Culture has the depth and power to bring a strong authentic narrative to a new place. From the initial cultural strategy, through selecting projects and artists,and developing the projects, a scheme’s public art can drive and support a unique long term identity for a site. We work with our clients’ marketing teams to develop and deliver this identity.

7. Legacy

We give our clients the confidence to commission exciting, visionary projects. We support them to understand the opportunities gained from commissioning certain types of art & culture; unique sites, major pr, connection to communities, education initiatives, and the ability to stimulate the culture of the area. We create formal documentation and help all involved to structure and support the right management and maintenance plans into the future.

8. Local authority liaison

We liaise and advise local authorities on all major client driven projects. We create partnership, positive dialogue and support from across the public sector, building bridges to support and secure planning and delivery.