Colour Chart Remix TW8 OGL

Completed: 2013 Client: Barratt London Artist: Alison Turnbull
Partners: Assael Architecture, Sto Ltd. Location: Brentford, London
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Embedded Arts

Renowned British artist Alison Turnbull, whose practice explore colour theory, was appointed to work with Assael Architects on an embedded art & architecture collaboration at Great West Quarter. Her proposal for the facade made use of the 800 colours available in Sto’s industrial render palette. Her design is based on a collaged cutting and pasting of colour charts directly on to architectural drawings of the building. This is the first time that the Sto colour system has been used directly in an artwork.

Photography by Richard Chivers

the artist

Alison Turnbull

Alison Turnbull is a well-established British painter, who has collaborated with a number of architectural practices. All her work involves a process of conversion, one thing gradually becoming another. Turnbull’s working process has been described as ‘painstaking’, and is meticulous and time-consuming.

"We tend to ‘animate’ grids, seeing bricks, windows and buildings in them, rather in the way that we once looked for pictures in the shapes of clouds.”

Alison Turnbull | Artist


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