Glass Mill

Completed: 2013 Client: Barratt London Artist: Phil Coy
Partners: Assael Architecture, LA Architects Location: Lewisham, London
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Embedded Arts, Mixed Use

Assael Architects’ masterplan for the Rennaissance mixed use development in Lewisham included a new leisure facility and swimming pool. The cultural strategy set out ideas for creative industry spaces and a commission for Martin Richmann to design a kinetic artwork for the energy centre. Artist Phil Coy was commissioned to develop a playful response to the glass façade, which wrapped around the building. A palette of 1,800 glass ‘pixels’ form a multicoloured grid across the vast curved façade. The grid is backlit, fitted with sensors and through computer programming, responds to the level of external sound – from traffic noise to the human voice – creating a night façade in constant modulation. Glass Mill won the Best Built Project-Community Scale in 2014 for ‘its transformational impact on the wider area, benefits to the local community, design and ingenuity’.



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