An Edible Park

Completed: 2014 Client: Countryside Artist: Nils Norman
Location: Great Kneighton
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Community Engagement, Embedded Arts, Sculpture, Street Furniture

Nils Norman is infiltrating a vocabulary and artistic approach across the entire 120 acre country park at Great Kneighton. His focus is through 6 projects that enhance the ways in which residents and the wider local community can access and use the park, and engage positively with its amenity space, with its potential to support local wildlife, and its ability to grow food. The 6 projects areas are : Signage and Wayfinding, Street Furniture, Bird screens, Allotments & Community Gardens, Active Recreation Area, Hobson’s Brook Bridges.  

the artist

Nils Norman

Nils Norman is an artist living in London. He works across the disciplines of public art, architecture and urban planning. His projects
 challenge notions of the function of public art and the efficacy of mainstream urban planning and large-scale regeneration.

"Creating a cohesive and recognisable design vocabulary that helps towards a notion of place making and a sense of orientation site-wide."

Nils Norman


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