Crossrail Canary Wharf Station

Completed: 2015 Client: Crossrail Artist: Michal Rovner
Partners: Pace gallery Location: Canary Wharf Station
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Cultural Brokering, Transport Hub

As strategists and curators of the Crossrail ‘Culture Line’, Futurecity are proud to work with Crossrail and Pace Gallery in announcing Michal Rovner has been appointed for Crossrail Canary Wharf: . The ‘Culture Line’ partners world-class contemporary artists and galleries with Crossrail’s central London stations.

Artist Michal Rovner will install large-scale video screens on elevator shafts and walls inside the 250m long station. Installation will take place in early 2018 ahead of trains running through the new station at the end of that year. The panels on the escalator shafts will depict streams of human figures moving up and down like waves and will extend over two floors. Passengers will be able to view the floor above and below through space left around the elevator shafts. Additional wall panels in the ticket hall will depict human figures moving in and out on horizontal lines, referencing trains coming in and out of the station.

Read more and watch video interview with artist Michal Rovner.

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