From an online interview with an ‘outsider artist’ to an international art fair in Peckham, here are some top picks for activities this weekend straight from Senior Strategist Andy Robinson.


ART FAIR season…

Abandoned factory in London’s Silvertown to hold 10-day immersive contemporary art exhibition during #FriezeWeek

Private View & Launch Party with NTS Radio – Silver Sehnsucht Exhibition

Sound artist Edwin Hind under the banner of ‘Concrete and Green’ will perform a series of improvised in-situ works. Each performance is inspired by the acousmatic concept, draws from Hind’s archive of recorded urban and rural sounds, and takes place in candlelight from behind a veil. The performance will include live vocals, guitar, and spoken word, inspired by what Michel Chion terms as ‘cinema for the ears’.

PIAF is a non for profit platform for galleries, collectives and art initiatives held during London’s busiest art week of the year.

Art Licks has run its tours of artist-led project spaces and independent galleries in London since 2010. For the Art Licks Weekend, the tours are tailored to cover the main festival areas, each taking up to 20 people to visit a selection of participating spaces. This tour is of festival spaces and projects in Peckham, led by artist Tom Lovelace.

Public realm…

Images by @mr.plala