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‘Visiting places, meeting people, knowing their habits and their economy is the first step for my projects’ Tadashi Kawamata




 Futurecity are proud to announce the unveiling of Tadashi Kawamata’s extraordinary site-specific installation ‘The Shower’ at Made in Cloister, a 16th century building in Naples restored by the Fondazione / Made in Cloister / www.madeincloister.it

Tadashi Kawamata’s work transforms our environment; it sits in the midst of demolition and construction using scrap or reclaimed materials to intimate transformation of a single house to the whole scale reconfiguration of towns.

/ ‘The Shower’ (curated by Demetrio Paparoni) uses recycled wooden boxes, symbolic of the local economy of the area and once used to transport fruit and vegetables. The installation was constructed in collaboration with local artisans and young residents of the Porta Capuana neighbourhood in Naples in association with Officine Gomitoli.



A conversation with Tadashi Kawamata ‘Art and urban renewal’ organized in collaboration with Futurecity will discuss the way contemporary art can help in the regeneration of cities and regions. Also on stage will be international representatives Mark Davy (CEO Futurecity, London), Andrea Cancellato (Director of the Three-year in Milan), Giovanna Fossa (Polytechnic of Milan) and Pierpaolo Forte (President of Donnaregina Foundation for Contemporary Arts – Museo MADRE)

Art and urban renewal’ will be open to the public at Made in Cloister Saturday 13th April from 10.30 to 12.30pm / www.madeincloister.it

Exhibition dates / May 14 – August 5, 2017


Made in Cloister

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