5th May – 25th May \ Private View: 4th May

things are discarded,
things are found,
parts are removed,
yet elements remain.

R E M A I N S is an exhibition of collage works in paper and wood. This show sees the work of long time friends, Mark Murphy and John Bennett, come together in a visual conversation about the possibilities, skill and joy of producing analogue collage.

Although their chosen source materials and work differ, Murphy and Bennett’s approach and graphic sensibility share similarities. Mark Murphy draws on discarded printed material from the last 60 years to create hand cut graphic compositions. Negative space plays an important part in many of these works, what is not there as important as what remains. Working both in paper and more recently with found wood,  John Bennett explores contrasts of colour and texture – in paper on the page, but also as 3D objects, repeating angles, changing relationships with fluctuating widths and heights.

The Gallery at Foyles is curated and managed by Futurecity.