The Peninsula 5 Kilometre Running Track: P5K

Client: Knight Dragon Partners: Andrew Missingham, Nike Foundation, Price & Myers Location: Greenwich Peninsula, London
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Sculpture

Futurecity drew on its experience of the Slipstream sculpture at Heathrow and the Crossrail Culture Line to develop a monumental, sculptural running-track concept ‘the P5K’ for client Knight Dragon.

In partnership with engineers Price and Myers, branding guru Andrew Missingham and members of the Nike Foundation, the team tested the idea of a sculptural ribbon, which would entwine in and around the new Peninsula development and in some cases soar out over the Thames.

The Peninsula 5 Kilometre length came from the accepted distance for a charity run, offering economic, PR, brand and marketing opportunities as well as adding a significant marker to the other cultural projects planned for the Peninsula. The P5K was added to the masterplan for the Peninsula by architects Allies & Morrison; if constructed it will be visible from the air and the Emirates Cable Car. Additional ideas included artists working as part of the design team.

To see an animation of the P5K in the context of the wider development visit:

Visualisations by Price & Myers


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