Stockwell Park and Robsart Village

Completed: 2008 Client: Network Housing Group Artist: Becky Harold, Ben Cumming, Boyd, Erica Wakerly, Gareth Howat, Linda Florence, Melanie Laroque, Telegramme, The Type Museum, Thomas Dowse
Partners: BPTW, Community Trust Housing, Fabiane Lee-Perrella, Hat-Trick Design, Jupiter Design, Mesh Partnership Ltd Location: Stockwell, London
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Community Engagement, Cultural Placemaking

Futurecity set up a residents’ Arts Committee to encourage ownership and involvement in the public art projects. The strategy evolved from a substantial four-week consultation process with local people, which identified deliverable ideas for integrated arts projects in seven key public spaces. Illustrator Thomas Dowse drew manga cartoons of local residents, titled ‘Village People’, and recorded podcasts of interviews, to be installed into the final hoarding installation. Residents’ personal home furniture was exhibited and used as the basis for a seating project in the pond area of the estate. Residents voted for a furniture piece to be fabricated as a permanent piece of street furniture. The estate’s routeways, entrances, shortcuts and places to avoid were identified in a community mapping exercise used for a new wayfinding and signage system for the estate. Residents’ textiles, ceramics and other visual material contributed to the designs. Award winning design agency HatTrick were appointed by Futurecity to develop a comprehensive signage and wayfinding design palette.

This innovative but cost effective arts project shows that the arts can have a transformative effect if applied early on by clients, architects and landscape architects

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