Reality Rules

Completed: 2012 Client: Anglia Ruskin University Artist: Bettina Furnée, Dylan Banarse
Location: Parkers Piece, Cambridge
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Community Engagement

Cambridge’s Parkers Piece is regarded as the birthplace of the rules of Association Football. It is also synonymous with its central victorian lamp post, ‘Reality Checkpoint’ as a place where one crosses from one reality into another. Over the Summer of 2012 the public were invited to propose ‘New Rules For A Fair Society’ through their own smartphones and tablets. Using augmented reality app Wikitude, they could view Parkers Piece as a landscape populated by new rules, and then add their own. The artists also worked with the print department at Cambridge School of Art nearby to produce Letterpress prints of some of the favourite rules and gifted these to public participants. Reality Rules can still be viewed today, through the Wikitude app. The project was commissioned by Futurecity as part of the VISUALISE public art programme for Anglia Ruskin University.

the artist

Bettina Furnee and Dylan Banarse

Bettina Furnée's practice is rooted in notions of site and language is the primary medium. The work is derived from an interest in the identity, history and future of a given place. Dylan Banarse specialises in cross-media technical development, product management, augmented-reality and mixed-reality TV.

Reality Rules enabled us to expand our interest in the way a community can inhabit the physical and digital townscape.

Bettina Furnee


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