Playful Seating for Midsummer Lawn

Completed: 2014 Client: Berkeley Group Artist: James Hopkins
Partners: MDM Props Location: Cambridge Riverside, Cambridge
Services: Art in the Public Realm, Residential, Sculpture, Street Furniture

A sculpture and landscape artwork for Cambridge. Solid cast bronze benches designed through catoptric anamorphosis are placed around a mirror finished stainless steel cylinder. The mirror transforms the distorted benches into the perfect image of two domestic / school chairs. The surrounding amphitheatre completes the artwork as a playful space for residents and visitors that references the sites history as a school since the 19th century.

the artist

James Hopkins

British artist James Hopkins slyly transforms everyday objects, imbuing them with the power of self-reflexive commentary, converting them into altogether different items, and nudging them toward an ‘impossible’ state that produces an astonished incredulity in those who behold them. Hopkins’s sophisticated visual illusions engage us all.

"Within a formal setting, this artwork creates an environment for reflection and contemplation alongside the opportunity for physical, playful interaction."

James Hopkins


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