Message from the Unseen World

Completed: 2016 Client: British Land Artist: UVA
Partners: Nick Drake Location: Paddington Central
Services: Art in the Public Realm

“It’s our partners in the art and design world, like Futurecity who help British Land put the sparkle into their public spaces and make them places that people enjoy, whether it’s their destination or they’re simply passing through.”Tim Downes, Development Executive for Offices, British Land 

Message from the Unseen World’ celebrates the life and work of Turing, who was born in Paddington and is best known for the leading role he played in breaking the enigma code during the Second World War. The piece, which spans the width of Bishop’s Bridge Road, was curated by Futurecity and devised by United Visual Artists (“UVA”), in collaboration with Hackney-based poet Nick Drake. Matt Clark of UVA conceived a living artwork, with a poem as the centrepiece. He approached Nick Drake to write the verse, which depicts Turing speaking posthumously about his life.

The installation comprises aluminium panels perforated by holes and LEDs which display extracts from Turing’s ground-breaking ‘Computing Machinery and Intelligence’ in patterns based on Baudot code. As the LEDs are illuminated they reveal words and verses from Drake’s poem, with the display controlled by an algorithm which experiments with different combinations of letters and words.

‘Message from the Unseen World’ is located close to the canalside entrance to Paddington Underground Station under Bishops Bridge Road, at the entrance to the 11 acre Paddington Central campus.

Feature image © United Visual Artists, photography below © Ron Bambridge

Selected Press: Creative Review: UVA create memorial wall to Alan Turing; Evening Standard: Artistic tribute to codebreaker Alan Turing will be unveiled near his West London birthplace;

the artist

United Visual Artists

United Visual Artists is a London based art practice founded in 2003 by Matthew Clark, Chris Bird and Ash Nehru. UVA’s work encompasses large-scale temporary and permanent installations, small-scale artworks and live performance based projects.

‘Message from the Unseen World’ celebrates one of Paddington’s most famous sons and speaks to the area’s evolution into a hub for innovation, technology and creativity

David Lockyer | Head of Office Asset Management at British Land


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