Masterclasses in Sitting // Chairs For Arching

Completed: 2015 Client: Berkeley Group Artist: public works
Partners: Wycombe District Council Location: Wye Dene, High Wycombe
Services: Community Engagement

Futurecity have been appointed by Berkeley Homes to develop, curate and manage public realm art commissions for Wye Dene, a new development in High Wycombe. ‘Masterclasses in Sitting’ is a 3-part project lead by Andreas Lang from the art and architecture practice public works.

For the second part of the project, public works hosted a series of talks under the title Chairs for Arching,  discussing the history of chairs and celebratory arches in High Wycombe. Speakers were invited to highlight various aspects associated with High Wycombe’s rich history as the centre for furniture production and draw connections to its present and future. The first talk in the series invited designers and manufacturers to look at how the Chair Arches of High Wycombe have inspired designers internationally while locally serving as a symbol celebrating the town’s industry and identity. The second explored the tradition of the Windsor Chair and its evolution throughout the years, and High Wycombe’s famous history of bodging.

Photography  © Niamh Sullivan, Futurecity

the artist

public works

public works are an art and architecture practice working within and towards public space. All public works projects address the question how the public realm is shaped by its various users and how existing dynamics can inform further proposals.

"Chair Industry has given High Wycombe a worldwide recognition and we are very proud of that."

Cllr Mohammed Hanif, Town Mayor


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