It takes 700 Acorns to Grow a Boat

Completed: 2015 Client: Grainger PLC, Havant Borough Council, Winchester City Council Artist: Wayward
Location: Berewood, Hampshire
Services: Community Engagement

As part of the public art programme at Berewood residential development in South Hampshire, London-based art, landscape and architecture practice, Wayward, will deliver a multi-strand community engagement project. The first strand of this, ‘It Takes 700 Acorns to Grow a Boat’ is a community-wide acorn growing campaign. Pupils from Berewood Primary School collected acorns from Berewood’s woodland, and will nurture these samplings until they are ready to be re-planted out into the forest. The 700 collected acorns will grow into a woodland large enough to build a HMS Victory ship, celebrating the area’s nautical history and helping to reseed new forests for the region.

Photography by Wayward & Winchester City Council

the artist


Wayward is a landscape, architecture & art practice based in London–an award-winning collective of designers, artists & urban growers. Since 2006, Wayward has pioneered new methodologies in the creative use of underutilised land, transforming derelict sites into large-scale, design-driven spaces that engage local communities & inspire international audiences

“The oak trees will eventually be planted on the Berewood development, growing with the children and the new development, for future generations to enjoy.”

Chris Fletcher, Developer for Berewood, Grainger PLC


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