Art and Living

Completed: 2010 Client: Countryside Artist: Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination
Location: Great Kneighton
Services: Community Engagement, Publications

A new book created by Trumpington residents was launched at Fawcett School at 3pm on Thursday 9th December 2010. It is titled ‘Art and Living, An A-Z for Trumpington’ and contains over 200 local residents’ drawings, models, photographs and words about their views and aspirations for the area, and about what art can and should be about.

the artist

Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination

Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination is a creative organisation working with artists to play with ideas and make them grow. Together they explore intriguing spaces where everyone can discover their own powers of imagination and curiosity.

The community's response has been inspirational and we hope that through these pages it will carry on inspiring everyone who gets involved in the future of Trumpington

Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination


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