‘CITY’ : David Levene

Over half of the world’s population now lives in cities, but how do we live, what kind of places are we creating, and how are these stories being told?

From travelling with the nomadic herdsmen of the Mongolian planes to exploring the floating villages of the Lagos lagoon, award-winning Guardian photographer David Levene has spent the last two decades documenting how people live and work around the world in vivid detail.

His new book, CITY, scans the globe in a 360-degree journey from Tokyo in the East to San Francisco in the West, providing a startling snapshot of the diverse forms of urbanity that exist across all five continents. Laminated and framed prints from the book will be on view in the Gallery at Foyles and copies of the book will also be available to purchase from Foyles. The Gallery at Foyles is curated and managed by Futurecity and is free to attend.

Joining Levene for a panel discussion on the insights and challenges from the book will be Chris Michael, editor of Guardian Cities, and former Guardian head of photography Roger Tooth, who edited CITY and advised on many of the shooting locations.

Levene’s unique perspective tells a powerful story about people and places, revealing how we shape our habitat, and how it, in turn, shapes us. The panel will talk about the challenges behind such a project, the lessons from spending time in different cities around the world and the process of compiling the book.

Exhibition Dates: 16th November – 7th December 2017 (Free)

Private View: Tuesday 21st November 6:30pm – 8:30pm (Free)

Panel Event: Monday 4th December 6.30pm–8pm (£8)

Location: The Gallery at Foyles, 107 Charing Cross Rd, London

Tickets for the panel event can be purchased through Foyles.

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Image credit © David Levene