Tate to Tate Boat

Completed: 2011 Client: St James Artist: Damien Hirst
Partners: Thames Clippers, Woods River Cruises Location: London
Services: Cultural Brokering, Cultural Placemaking

Futurecity brokered St James Group’s support for the ‘Tate to Tate’ boat in 2004 joining up the Tates at Millbank and Bankside. Turner Prize winning artist Damien Hirst’s commission was based on his famous ‘dot’ paintings, and created a new transport route as well as an instantly recognisable image, transforming the boat into an iconic work of art. Support for the development of the boat was part of the St James Group’s cultural strategy. It offered them a unique branding opportunity and a highly visible way of linking up their riverside residential developments.

"Both science and art find themselves engaged in asking the same questions on our behalf. How is meaning formulated to bring order to our lives?"

Sir Nicholas Serota | Director Tate Gallery


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