P&B Virtual Gallery

Completed: 2013 Client: Lane Castle Artist: Rubedo
Partners: Sectorlight
Services: Cultural Brokering

A virtual online gallery will recreate a real gallery space in the P&B development. The virtual gallery is navigable, and contains a series of sculptural objects that act as links for viewers to a variety of online art projects. The P&B virtual gallery is able to ‘exhibit’ a range of works, from reproductions of visual art to 3D environments, art/gaming projects and live performance/digital crossover. www.paynesandborthwickgallery.com

the artist


Rubedo have built the on-line Paynes & Borthwick Gallery and are the inaugural exhibitors of the space. Rubedo’s work takes the art out of the ‘white cube’ and into a fully immersive experience, which explores sound in relation to space, time and user interaction.


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