Big Table

Completed: 2014 Client: St James Artist: Alison Crowther
Location: Kew Bridge West, London
Services: Community Engagement, Residential, Sculpture, Street Furniture

The ambition for the Big Table within the Kew Bridge landscape was to create a landmark sculptural artwork that also carried a unique function. The concept behind the work is that of the ‘communal table’, which aims to encourage social interaction and a sense of community. It is a multi-purpose installation to be used by all members of the Kew Bridge West community. British artist Alison Crowther was appointed to deliver the commission.

Big Table is one of the commissions identified by Futurecity in the cultural strategy for Kew Bridge West. Futurecity’s strategy proposed a series of embedded artworks that would interpret, commemorate and enhance the significance of Kew Bridge in the history of Britain’s water supply. The Self-playing Instrument of Water is also located on the Kew Bridge West development.

Photography by Ron Bambridge


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